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Research and Development Projects

The iS-mainz carries out research and development projects as commissioned by clients. The projects are carried out as so-called "Drittmittelprojekte". A contract between the client and Hochschule Mainz is made for all research and development activities at iS-mainz.
The contract includes all relevant project details such as project purpose and terms, project manager, deliverables, contractual deadlines, and terms of payment. If necessary, further details such as the hiring of project employees or the purchasing of project-specific equipment are also settled. The contract is signed by the client, the President of Hochschule Mainz and the project manager, who is always a professor from Hochschule Mainz.
Scope and duration of projects can vary considerably. Presently iS-mainz is carrying out contracts between € 1 000.- and € 250 000.-

Joint Bachelor and Master Theses

In the last semester of their training, students at the Department of Civil Engineering need to prepare their final theses. Each final thesis is supervised by a member of the teaching staff. It must be finished within 4 months.
Since a practical orientated education is important to us, we try to cooperate with external partners for as many final theses as possible. We always appreciate opportunities to collaborate with commercial and government agencies. Experience shows that such cooperation offers advantages for all parties involved; the student and the university keep in contact with the business world, while the external partners get the solution to a problem for which they may not otherwise have the capacity.
The external partner often covers any required extra expenditures resulting from the project the student undertakes. On occasion students are compensated above expenses.


Do you have a scientific-technical problem?
Please contact us for an informal consultation meeting in our fields of competence.

Publications, Seminars

General information is made available through institute publications on a regular base. A condensed Version of each publication can be obtained from the download area. Comprehensive reports are published through the Fraunhofer Informationszentrum Raum und Bau - IRBdirekt in German language. For an English version please contact us directly.
Seminars on actual topics in the field of building construction are held in irregular intervals at the Hochschule Mainz.


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