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Prof. Thomas Giel

Prof. Thomas Giel
- TGA / Gebäude- und Betriebstechnik
Tel.: +49 (0) 6131 - 628 -1328


Research Interests

  • The main areas of research are in the technical building equipment, building label and building automation till smart buildings or smart city.

Current Research

  • Currently we are developing a future house together with the Esslingen University and the University of Hamburg

Courses Taught

  • Technical building equipment
  • Energy-optimized building physics
  • Experimental building
  • Home and building automation
  • Theory, decision making and trade
  • Renewable building

Scientific Affiliations

  • 1997 Scientific support of the research project "Energy-efficient modernization of old buildings" for the Ministry of Economics Baden-Württemberg with the research community colleges.
    Objective: Development of energy-saving measures for the building.
  • 1999 Developing a remote monitoring device "DFAG" for energy management for medium-sized buildings, together with the University of Applied Sciences in Esslingen
    Objective: The Series production of a remote monitoring device.
  • 2007 – 2010 Line of Pro Inno research project "Development of an optimally tuned, cold district heating network to supply buildings with heat and cold for the Federal Ministry of Economics and Technology.
    Result: design criteria for cold district heating networks
  • 2010 Development of a geo-thermal heating and solar cooling for heat supply and heating of office buildings along with the University of Technology in Esslingen
    Result: design criteria for geo-solar thermal cooling
  • Ab 2013 Development, the house of the future. This project is developed in cooperation with the University of Esslingen and Hamburg University for distance learning.
    Objective: To develop an energy-plus building as an active component for energy policy
  • 2013 Development of a measurement method to determine the COP of a heating system with a short-term measurement


  • Energy Concepts of mine have been awarded the master energy Award and the Environmental Award RLP.


Property Report Wärmepumpentag RLP / Published on the Ministry RLP environment, agriculture, food, wine and Forestry

  • 2008 Experiences and results from the development of a district heating network for cold supply of a complete residential area with geothermal heat pumps.
  • 2007 Uses of air pumps for the optimization of elderly housing complexes.

VT Reports / Published about College of Technology Media

  • 1999 New electronic device for the facilities management of medium and smaller buildings.
  • 2005 Geothermal systems for heating and cooling.
  • 2013 System combination of construction and engineering for climate stabilization in multi-storey office buildings.

Heat supply association (Yearbook or press releases), published by the association

  • 2003 U-country Ludwigsburg - heat and electricity network in the area.
  • 2010 Renewable Energy for the Wohlhaupter precision tools in Frickenhausen.
  • 2013 Presentation of a measurement method to determine the COP of a heating system with a short-term measurement.

Institute of Construction

  • 2013 Leprosy in the fixed magazine "Building a future for" ISBN 978-3-936288-12-7 topic "System combination: Structural work, Finishing, building equipment.

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